Non-Medical Prescribing

nmprescribing has been training the best since 2007

our goals

nmprescribing provides the opportunity for nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiographers, optometrists, podiatrists, dietitians and paramedics to continue to be safe and effective Non-Medical Prescribers through access to Continued Professional Development, The benefits for patients are an avoidance of a delay in receiving medicines, a reduction in the amount of unnecessary appointments, reduced risk of hospitalisation and faster recovery. Without doubt this will give both NHS and nonNHS organisations value for money.  It is estimated that Non-Medical Prescribers are saving the NHS in England an estimated annual £777 million, according to a December 2015 report commissioned by NHS Health Education North West.



nmprescribing aims to enlighten individuals who have a responsibility of developing services within health providing organisations, as to what is required in terms of the necessary infrastructure needed to support the safe and effective development and implementation of Non-Medical Prescribing. This includes assisting with policy development and policy upgrades. This will then aid the organisation in its ability to comply with necessary safety standards during assessment.

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