nmprescribing has been providing registered Non-Medical Prescribers with continued professional development since 2007 and we continue to build on our menu of updates

nmprescribing’s continued professional development (CPD) will assist Non-Medical Prescribers to maintain safe prescribing as well as their fitness to practice and help them to meet their regulators revalidation requirements.  The Non-Medical Prescribing courses are all participatory and involve interaction with others.  Delegates are provided with a CPD log template for their appraisal, linking the session attended with learning and action, to take forward into their own practice.

Our menu of training topics are for all Non-Medical Prescribing professionals.  Please would you share this with your colleagues and the Non-Medical Prescribing/Training and Education Lead for your organisation.

Please note that some of these sessions are currently available on line using MS Teams.   In-house training is currently unavailable.  Please contact us for further details.

If you would like more details about any specific sessions, please use the contact page to get in touch.

I can be contacted and commissioned to undertake individually tailored work across the UK in relation to Non-Medical Prescribing development.

Keep Calm and Carry on Prescribing

Non-Medical Prescribing Update for Nurse/Pharmacist/AHP Independent & Supplementary Prescribers (V300/200)

“The Jury is Out”

Non-medical Prescribing Update Training

Back to Basics - Community Practitioner Prescriber Update

Prescribing Update for Community Practitioner Formulary Nurse Prescribers (V100/150)

Keeping Tabs

Therapeutic Decision Making and Safe Prescribing

Setting the Record Straight

To update participants in legal record keeping and professional aspects of documentation to improve safe practice and minimise risk of litigation

Safety First

Prescribing for Co-Morbidities, Non Medical Prescribing Update Training

“It Hurts!”

Understanding and managing persistent pain – Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

You Me and Medicines

Safe and Effective Medicines Management Update

Prescribing Antibiotics

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training .

Evidence Based Prescribing

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

‘Take a Deep Breath’

Focus on Respiratory

“Prescribing for Palliative Care”

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

From Baby Grows to Growing Babies

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training in Paediatrics

A Complex Co-Morbid Conundrum

Pain Management for Patients Presenting with a Substance Use Disorder

“Mental Health Matters”

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

“Rat Poison or Pest Control?”

Dispelling the myths and discussing the issues around the warfarinised patient

Consultation Skills for Non-Medical Prescribers

Non Medical Prescribing Update Training

“Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

Non Medical Prescribing Update Training

Prescribing Topical Treatments for Skin Problems

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

“The Conundrums of Prescribing in Diabetes”

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

“Sex bombs”

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

Prescribing for Patients who use Drugs and Alcohol

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

Evidence-Based Prescribing of Common Mental Health Medication

Non-Medical Prescribing Update Training

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